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Originally Posted by vroom6sri View Post
When I reach a "significant" birthday next month I'm being urged by my family to treat myself for a change so I was wondering what I should consider buying for my A1200.

I've already got an ACA 1230/56 and CF card and that gives some pretty nice results but I was thinking should I buy an Indivision card and/or consider replacing my ACA 1230/56 with the ACA 1233/55 with MMU as this reads on Jens' website as now being his fastest (dare I say best) accelerator. Whilst I am likely to get a nice chunk of cash I can't justify spending silly money on the all-singing 1260 accelerators even if I could source a decent one.

I guess I might only see a minor improvement with that accelerator upgrade but do you guys have any suggestions please? And is the Indivision card just a pretty-things-up kind of deal or is it a significant enhancement would you say?
Not sure buying a slightly different 030 will be that noticable?
1240 Accelerators are not *that* bad price wise, but it all depends on what you do or want to be able to do that you couldn't do before.
There sure are a bunch of games and demos that will run faster but you may encounter some new issues too..

Indivision surely gives you new screen-connectivity options so if you value that part and it will make your life easier then maybe that's a good thing to buy.
IMO its a pricey piece of equipment for what it does. (Same price as a Vampire V2, no?)
Personally, I have an LCD monitor that can natively sync to 15kHz (BenQ BL702A) but, ye, then Im stuck on 17" but it only costs ~85 on Amazon . (Theres a 19" model too)

Anyhoo, maybe instead of just focusing at a couple of items, you should ask yourself if there's something new you want to do with your 1200, somehting that will extend your experience with it.
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