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Ya' like it Retr0?
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So... I completely missed this thread - for shame!

[ insert game of thrones walk of shame here ]

(what where you thinking )

And I also find out that the primary artist is also on my Facebook!

I think there is just to much talent in one man there - if anyone gets a chance - have a lookie at the latest "Starwars Millennium Falcon Painting" - not sure if its on Waynes store - it should be however!

This is quite a delightful project and one that really does artistic and programming justice to Amiga Games of the 90's! Had I of seen this in HOL first I would of thought it a commercial release that I had missed!

Looks great indeed and the fact you are bringing out a physical product - If I could have mine signed by the developers involved - I will certainly be having one of those!

Thanks for the updates Wayne - all the best with this

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