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Dear Supporters, AMIGA CASE enthusiasts,

First of all I like to thank all the people who supported me the last two months and not to forget, the official supporters of AMIGA CASE. Special thanks goes to Vesalia, Imagine3D, KCS, Amiga Inc. and Individual Computers.

AMIGA CASE has been, is discussed on several famous Amiga forums. This makes me very proud and gives me very important feedback and useful information. As a result it becomes clearer what to do better and how to prepare my next steps. I see the last period, running the campaign on Indiegogo, as a learning period, for me it doesn’t end here!

What does that mean? I go forward, make changes and come back. I have a license from Amiga Inc. and it encourages me to go forward with AMIGA CASE.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me!

Kind Regards,

Schuimpy / Jarno Smit
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