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Originally posted by Akira
Yes it does, if you have enough memory. For low mem users you can chose not too, but one of WHDLoad's greatest points is this. It's like playing aconsole game! ZERO loading times. Imagine playing Indiana Jones and teh Fate of Atlantis with zero loading times and more speed. PLayability increases, at least, tenfold!

Therefore, I recommend you getting hold of at least a 32MB stick
I think I can use 2 simms since I am getting the scsi opotion so should be able to scrounge 32mb or can just order 2x64 and get 128mb

I recieved the amiga vga adapter from the same place today (and he said my blizzard shipped today) its nice using a vga monitor on the 1200 that can do all the aga resolutions and allow precise screen adjustments in all directions (if needed)
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