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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
What?!? It's the perfect version for the Amiga that was around at that time (1989) i.e. an A500... No such thing as an A1200 back then so how could you expect game developers to make sure that it works on a future model...

If it doesn't work on an A1200 well, what can I say... many games don't... and that's always been the issue...

This is what WHDLoad was invented for (many years after the Amiga had died I might add); if you want modified stuff like extra buttons etc. then use the WHDLoad version (I assume it's perfect?)

Me (and I'm sure others who only use disks); would much appreciate a version that is 100% (hopefully with trainer) that we can play on an Amiga that it was originally created for (or via WinUAE).
it seems you don't understand what I said or you never player the real arcade machine
such version was not perfect not even for the A500

the hero can't jump and turn in the air, and such movement is essential if you want to finish the game or play the game, is impossible to finish this game without this because you can't beat the big demons in levels 5 and 6

that's because it was fixed in the whdload version
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