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Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
No, overfed by all those games music adaptations that appeared in crowdfunding in recent years. Seems every author wants to do it, some of them even several times.

If that is a good idea, then let them all do it. Why would they refrain from doing it if *they* like it and if *their public* likes it?

Is there a rule that says that only a limited number of people should do a given thing and that after that threshold is reached that thing is no longer "cool" anymore? I certainly do welcome this idea and wish that every composer of which the music is a good fit for such conversion will do it. I am not forced to buy or listen to the ones I am not interested in after all.

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Seems like they keep being unable to get work so they rely on nostalgic fools to fund their living.

You don't see other guys like Jesper Kyd doing this
I love you Akira, but this post contains too much speculation and generalization to be reasonable. Chris Huelsbeck still holds a very solid reputation in the current video games industry music scene and it is ridiculous to think that is the only scheme he has found to feed his family.

Always assume good intentions: he likes the idea and wants to do it for the sake of it and because he thinks there is a public who agrees with him. He has access to the right people to do it, why should he not for rabbit's sake?

Negativity helps no one, especially without facts.

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PS: note, I love you as well Predseda.

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