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Originally Posted by wawa View Post
because the "company" behind os4 doesnt want to share their code to support amiga. as if you wouldnt know.. aeon has likely no influence on it.
A-EON likely has some influence, if they exert it, but that is not the same as control (which they may have). Hyperion would be wise to listen to their sugar daddy A-EON. I doubt Hyperion's cash burn rate has changed much since their financial issues and most of the bailout money likely went to debt. They introduced AmigaOS 4 FE at a big discount from previous versions but the small niche market requires high prices for profitability. Even if AmigaOS 4 came out with 100% compatible SMP, >8GB of memory supported and MP tomorrow, the sales would likely remain in the low thousands with the expectation of a cheaper price like AmigaOS 4 FE. Most 68k customers aren't going to upgrade to PPC because of the high prices of hardware and these features are not priorities for most 68k users. The marketing philosophy and market dynamics have not changed so I don't why anyone would expect a different result. Hyperion will likely continue to require cash infusions to stay alive but the situation looks hopeless to me without major change. Maybe A-EON will take more control the next time Hyperion needs money.

One business partner writes code which would improve the other business partner's product with new classes for Reaction in AmigaOS 4. The other business partner has the source code for Reaction which the first business partner needs for a product in a market the first business partner chooses not to compete. I don't understand why AmigaOS 4 doesn't end up with the new Reaction classes in AmigaOS 4 and A-EON with the AmigaOS 4 Reaction source code for AmigaOS 3? If Hyperion is still blocking other Amiga markets including from the hand that feeds them when their own market is unsustainable, how trustworthy of a business partner are they? Are they also being trusted to deliver AmigaOS 4 with 100% compatible SMP, >8GB of memory support and MP to attempt to save both partners?

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