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Originally Posted by Michael View Post
As far as my memory serves me right, OS 3.5/9 ReAction sources were not available to developers of OS4, so mot work was done from scratch or based on older ClassAction.
Right. Matthew of verified this earlier in the thread.

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ReAction/ClassAct on OS3 is no longer developed, the source code is not available and has fallen behind a long way from the OS4 ReAction. So from that perspective, the OS3 ReAction it is a dead-end.
AmigaOS 4 used the same API so I don't understand why the same code base can't be synced up and used. Start with the AmigaOS 4 code base, carefully remove features and functionality which doesn't work in AmigaOS 3 (with #if most likely) but ignore methods which can't be supported yet and add the missing features and functionality from AmigaOS 3.9. The #if statements are ugly but at least there are only 2 variations and then work to add the missing functionality to AmigaOS 3 (mostly intuition.library and input.device from a quick glance). The best sync of the code base would require 68k AmigaOS development. It is possible to have high level code like this have few differences between the PPC AmigaOS 4 version and the 68k AmigaOS 3 version. It is not clear whether A-EON is doing a quick and dirty port of their software to AmigaOS 3 or laying a foundation and planning for a future on the 68k AmigaOS. The visible GUI can look fine (which it does) while the source code and design is a disaster.
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