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Downgrade Disk for A4000

Hi Folks.

Being Emulating for years, was easy if you had a game that didn't work on my emulated A4000/060 - just downgrade it to a souped up A500 and try again.

Having a Real A4000 back in my life, i have a box of disks and finding either
1> Floppy Drive isn't what it used to be
2> Floppies aren't what they used to be
3> Stuff i'm running doesn't like the A4000

I know number 3 was a common issue but i recall ... and i could be VERY wrong - there was some disc you could boot from first that would downgrade your AGA machine to a 1.3 machine, then you could insert the floppy you wanted and it run as if it was an A500.

Its been 25 years so i could be wrong, does this still exist? or even a better method? and how would one go about finding that, as i don't know the name.

Thank you folks.

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