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Originally posted by Twistin'Ghost
There are better retro games than the ones you mention, and there are worst modern games than you mention. Your analogies are unfair.

Then please do. (not!) Yet more flawed, intentionally misleading comparisons. How about the graphic splendor of Rainbow Islands, Speedball II, SWIV, Shadow of ther Beast, Disposable Hero, etc. compared to flimsy, samey, blurry modern games that all use the same bloody engine? Beeps and blips? Obviously back in the day, you were playing CGA games on your IBM XT. Or something. Shoulda bought an Amiga. But whatever old system you were using, you are comparing its worst with your favorite modern games. If cheating is the only way to get your point across, you have no credibility.

Maybe your tastes have changed. Maybe you were playing it on an emulator in a tiny window and not on the real thing. Maybe your tastes have become soiled and you can only enjoy a game that looks like every other modern game. I know kids that are like that about modern rock. If the singer isn't screaming or whining, it sucks. If the band doesn't have tattoos and body piercings, they have no musical skills. If there is no hand holding a gun that bounces around pointing at blurry texture maps, the game sucks. (yawn)

Sad, indeed.
Yeah what he said,
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