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Hi Guys,

Thank you very much for your comments/idea's the last few days. Your are giving me very important information about the campaign, the (design/features of) the AMIGA CASE and my actions. I did make some mistakes, I see that now, but it is also good to hear from you I did good things. As a result it becomes easier, more clearly what to do after the campaign ends and prepare my next steps. For me it doesn't end after the campaign. I have a licence from Amiga Inc. and it would a shame not to do something with that. When I have news about my next steps, I will surely post them here. Suggestions are welcome thou and much appreciated. If you have any questions post them here. I'll try to answer them asap. Questions about the licence or about my contact with Jens wont be answered, as you may understand that's confidential.

Thanks again,

Kind Regards,

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