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Originally Posted by Kremlar View Post
Has something happened to make people think that the Reloaded board might not ship? Have I missed something?
I can only speak for myself, but my understanding was that the Reloaded should have reached prototype stage by Q1 2016 at which point they would start taking binding preorders to check interest for the board.
I'm pretty certain the official Wiki page said this.
But that didn't happen, and I have not seen any official follow up or updated news.

This doesn't have to mean anything other than that its simply "late".
But you could say that it had a certain impact on Schiumpy's campaign as it was "officially" the case Jens would endorse and "pair up" with the Reloaded mobo.
So, personally, I found the silence and lack of official statements a bit strange.
It's also possible there has been unofficial news in the German forums but I don't hang around in those.
Time will probably tell, ey ? ;-)

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