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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
(I would not be insulting and call it "stupid" in any moment though, you should mind how you talk)
First of all, I'm happy to hear that you want people to be polite in the forums. This is good news. We can surely agree on this one. :thumbs up:

The other thing: I really do mind how I talk. How about you read one more time what I wrote and particularly consider why I chose phrases such as "highly subjective", "in my opinion" and most of all "*looks* stupid" as opposed to " is stupid".

Aaaanyway, the second case *became* more nische the moment the first case kickstarter got funded (Figuratively speaking). Because he had to find "the other" users who didn't find the first case interesting enough but still would consider to buy a case. And per definition that would be those who aren't the mainstream users. The number of endorsers seem to confirm this.

Of course, sometimes it's all about the timing. Had Schiumpy beaten Phil and launched first, I'm sure things would have looked differently.
Still, I think this an opportunity to learn from and maybe one day try again.

And I too wonder what Jens plans. He could of course simply offer the Reloaded mobo "as is". As a spare part.. As long as he doesn't do something to deliberately sabotage compatibility with Phil's case then there should be at least 1000 new cases out there in a while, and any one owner could be interested in a new or maybe secondary mobo.

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