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I disagree in saying that Schuimpy's case was aimed at a niche, you can disregard the "put PS2 keybaord on top" option because, I agree, I was not interested one bit in that (I would not be insulting and call it "stupid" in any moment though, you should mind how you talk), but the A1200 case had much better improvements than the funded case. I know the previous one wasn't a 1:1 copy and had improvements (however see the comment above where the user actually likes that the case is almost a 1:1 copy, so perhaps that's what people want)
Schuimpy's case however had even more and better improvements in my opinion, and it would have benefited us all if the two projects had agreed to work together, but we read now that this sadly didn't happen.
Things like brass enclosures for screws are VERY important and the funded case lacks them. Also the extra space helps a LOT! If you ARE into modding, Schuimpy's case would have been better for REAL A1200 users. As I said before I'm not even talking about the "emulation" case. This would have been a great case for existing A1200 motherboard owners, and if Reloaded ever happens, which as I said, at this point I highly doubt, it would have been great, too.

But yeah we're beating a dead horse here. Whoever got the funded case should be happy and nobody else will get a new case from this point on. That's how the story is. If the Reloaded ever happens, I don't know where people will get cases from, unless Indiviual Computers decides to fund Schuimpy's project.
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