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First of all... As with everything else here in life, you can choose to see this as a failure or a learning experience. I always prefer the second option.
Now. .

As a backer of a €200 special edition case in Phil's campaign, here are my 2 cents.

*First if all, Phil's case is not just a clone of the original case. There are actual improvements compared to a case you'd get off eBay, and not just the "no yellowing" part. But actual adjustments to benefit ppl who like to mod their cases. Most of the stuff already fits in the space of the original 1200 case because it was designed to. But with Phil's case you get help with cutting holes, mounting stuff etc.
So this caters to both the purits and the common modders.

*Schumpy's case was always going to have a more nische audience. Exchangeable brackets and stuff seemed like a good idea but it mostly appealed to ppl using other hardware solutions than the actual 1200 mobo.

*As several others pointed out, Schumpy wasn't very active during the campaign. This can sometimes be interpreted as if he doesn't believe in the campaign himself, or doesn't really care that much. I'm sure thats NOT actually the case, but something to consider. Marketing psychology...

*Also the other thing mentioned.. to close after the first one was always going to be difficult. First one solved most of the problems for most of the people. Second one appealed to the nische minority.

*This is highly subjective, but to mee, the second cover with the keyboard holder looks... Well.. stupid.. and I imagine the result with a keyboard too look as "elegant" as a Megadrive with 32x and MegaCD add on. Some design choices should be left alone IMO :-)

*Creating new molds is not something anyone can do. Doing a 3d model in CAD showing off good ideas is a far cry from actually inspiring confidence about your ability to create actual physical products from metal molds.

*Still .. despite all of the above, I was going to back it BUT I was going to use it with the Reloaded mobo. Remember how Jens told us how much he preferred the "other" project over Phil's? So you'd think that once this "other" campaign started Jens would be here to tell us how well this is going to fit the Reloaded. What did we get instead? Complete "radio silence". I have no idea what the status of the Reloaded project is. For me personally, that settled it. I don't need another case if I don't have a mobo for it.

There you have it. Agree? Disagree?

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