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Originally Posted by Kremlar View Post
Right. However, despite what you say about the other campaign it was funded and this one was not - so perhaps the special editions and other things helped.
But that's exactly what I said! It obviously worked, and we ended up with the in my opinion poorer product

Yes, but I bet if you took 100 people out of the active Amiga community and asked them the differences between this case and the other most would not know.
Because the differences are important but smaller. The end product, the big picture, is that both were A1200 form factor case replacements.
I personally appreciate that Schuimpy was not out there force feeding this into people and I don't see it as a "failure". We ended up unable to enjoy the fruit of his work, but that\s what the Amiga scene of today clearly deserves. Our loss. I see no fault in Schuimpy's actions. He did his best and when he needed our help we didn't give it to him. The failure is on us.

Agreed, but with Reloaded coming out the market will be bigger. People will not just let their old boards sit around.
At this moment the reality of Reloaded being released remains to be discussed. I rather keep skeptical. We haven't heard of it in forever. I cannot, with the evidence at hand, assure that it will ever see the light of day. I cannot assure otherwise either.

Good point, but with the limited sales of the 600 I question whether that would be a good target market.
There's tons of A600 out there and if you talk with the Vampire team they can tell you how many accelerators they have sold. The numbers are good I believe, but again, it's hard to tell in this hobbyist market, very hard.
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