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Originally Posted by wawa View Post
i dont recall that the problems with netsurf were reaction based last time i tried. rather it still didnt render correctly the pages and was crashy.
Chris was forced to make changes for the AmigaOS 3 because of the frbuttonclass not rendering in the bottom border with GA_RelBottom (probably a bug in a parent class which is in the intuition.library). Datatypes are also BOOPSI objects (part of the GUI) and the inadequacies of the picture.datatype have forced him to make major changes to the code. Instead of using AmigaOS components we end up with 3rd party components which add dependencies and have their own bugs to deal with. I may be able to debug his "crashy" problems and optimize NetSurf as well but do we end up with anything worthwhile in the end? The 68k AmigaOS and Reaction are dead end without development and support. Other people force us to waste our development time and add multiple levels of difficulty to our development. As with my bogus ban by an NG zealot, where I am not wanted I leave and find other people and places where I am not blocked but free to develop and state my mind.

Originally Posted by wawa View Post
a mui gui would be better choice anyway, as it would be easily portable between the amigaoid systems.
Portability is not so much the problem as most Amiga flavors have basic BOOPSI support which provides the upper object classes. Perhaps Reaction would have problems on little endian systems but it takes very careful programming to support both big and little endian without reducing performance. It is the lack of source code and control which would make it unacceptable to most flavors.

The GUI choice and elements should be evaluated based on the goals. From A-EON's perspective, Reaction is available to them and they want to encourage AmigaOS 4 software development. It would not be easy nor is it wise to switch the standard GUI without good reason. MUI 3 is more mature than the AmigaOS 3 Reaction which is missing important functionality and classes which AmigaOS 4 has added. MUI is easier to develop for and has nice features but this adds more overhead which may not be wanted, especially on low end or embedded systems. Perhaps the GUI should even be evaluated for how well a cell phone or tablet could be supported. The 68k is a different market that can be scaled down very small while CISC provides good performance (can be stronger per core than ARM). IMO, it has great potential in the embedded market where business partners could help reduce hardware costs for the Amiga. When I was looking for embedded interest with the Apollo core, I was asked "What about the OS?". What can I say? The AmigaOS is a legal nightmare and the owners don't want to sell it? Only the Amiga makes it impossible .
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