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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
But most of it was irrelevant and usually a bit "annoying". I feel sad here because Schuimpy seems to have put a lot of effort in engineering this case, more than in the other Kickstarter which was more focused in making silly "special edition" cases and stuff to try to get more people in. And they did, so I guess it worked, but this campaign looked more "serious" to me. Which in turn meant Schuimpy wasn't here all the time and on Facebook and everywhere busting our balls about his cases. A commendable attitude but one that in this day and age can play against you.
Right. However, despite what you say about the other campaign it was funded and this one was not - so perhaps the special editions and other things helped.

The lack of discussion is again probably due to another case, very similar to this, having being recently funded, JUST funded (as mentioned before they failed the first time round and had to do it again and after all that struggle comes this case project).
Yes, but I bet if you took 100 people out of the active Amiga community and asked them the differences between this case and the other most would not know. Sometimes you need to beat things into peoples heads, and I think that's where this campaign failed. Perhaps if it was pushed/discussed more then more people would have recognized the differences and this one would have gotten more attention.

I think there was barely a market for this type of product the first time around, a second time around is just not gonna happen. Most people who wanted new cases, got them from the first campaign, whether these cases are better nor not it does not matter, those people are not gonna get another case and that's the end of it. Everyone else does not need the case.
Agreed, but with Reloaded coming out the market will be bigger. People will not just let their old boards sit around.

Another point I want to remark here is that this was in both cases an A1200 case. Perhaps Schuimpy, now that the Vampire 600 is such a prominent device, if you can take a similar approach to this case but make an A600 form factor case, now THAT would maybe stand on its own, and the Vampire could help it prop it up (a real product released now and with a bright future). I for one would definitely -love- to have a new case for my A600 since mine is all broken and hanging from one screw.
Then again as I said I believe the market for such a case would be very limited and I am not sure the demand would be enough to back this kinda project up. But at least it would NOT be the same product for the same users the other campaign covered.
Good point, but with the limited sales of the 600 I question whether that would be a good target market. Although I don't personally like the larger form factor, many people like the 500 and there sure are a lot of them out there with beat up cases. With the Vampire 500 right around the corner that might be a good target market.

However, often times in hobby markets like this people build what they want personally, not what they think will sell. Perhaps Schuimpy has no interest in any other form factor.
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