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I don't see the point in backporting Zune. There is a MUI4 port for 68k, but hardly anyone is using it. MUI 3.8 has served the 68k market well, and whatever enhancements are necessary make better sense on a platform with the memory and CPU to spare for real enhancements. 68k is not such a platform.
If Reaction continues to be the chosen 68k AmigaOS standard GUI, it is important to realize that there are more MUI programs out there and they need to work. MUI 3.8 would be adequate if it could be installed by a 3rd party installer. A Zune port would allow to fix bugs and maintain the code while offering better compatibility and code sharing with AROS (An updated Reaction 68k should work on AROS 68k but they have chosen Zune/MUI as the default GUI). All this depends on the intentions of A-EON though. Are they just porting the Reaction classes for their own software (and perhaps a few other developers who need it) or is this the first step in bringing back development of the 68k AmigaOS based on AmigaOS 4 sources. They will likely fail to proliferate Reaction as an AmigaOS add-on although making it compatible enough to AmigaOS 4 Reaction and offering it for free may help. A newly developed 68k AmigaOS which offers better compatibility between AmigaOS 3 and AmigaOS 4 would create a much larger user base and could proliferate Reaction over MUI. It is here where providing basic MUI compatibility from a clean installation is better than users getting errors when trying to run the multitude of MUI programs.

Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
Exactly. Where is the glut of software that makes use of a new ClassAct or MUI going to come from? In the conservative 68k market, it makes sense to even steer clear of OS3.9 enhancements.
NetSurf uses Reaction and suffers from lack of features and bugs in AmigaOS 3 compared to AmigaOS 4. A few important software products like NetSurf may make a bigger difference than a large quantity of software products. A bigger standardized market (API here but also ISA and ABI) should attract more software developers as well. The FPGA hardware is expanding the 68k AmigaOS market faster than the PPC AmigaOS market (but they are not standardizing either). I keep talking about standards and nobody seems to understand me but the Amiga user base keeps splitting into more and more incompatible camps and so much development effort is wasted without standards.
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