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Originally Posted by Schuimpy View Post
That doesn't mean I didn't put a lot of effort into my project and didn't reach out to the audience.
Just my opinion here, but the other project had a lot more communication coming from them during the campaign. Part of that may have been generated by excitement in the community, but I think you could have done more to spark that excitement for your own campaign. Once people are talking about your project on the forums the product might sell itself, but until that happens someone has to work on getting that spark. I did not see a lot of discussion about your product on the forums or on Facebook.

About joining forces : I considered that, but I chose not to. I had to make a decision and at that time it did not seem a wise thing to do. The different kind of approach compared to the other project was of big influence in my decision.
Understood, and I actually prefer your design I think. I did not back either project but would have probably backed yours if you were closer to your goal (I know, I know - if everyone thought that way no project would meet its goal).

Some of you may think that the discussion between Jens and Lang backfired on my project. What you need to know about this is that I have nothing to do with that discussion.
Understood. He may not represent you but his discussion came off as though he had some kind of inside connection in my opinion. His condescending attitude seems to have turned off a lot of people in the community. It may not have affected your campaign, but the stuff he was saying did leave a bad taste in my mouth. It was good to see the guy who ran the other Kickstarter take the high road.

I really do like your product, and would love to buy one for the Amiga 1200 I just purchased (which has a horrible case). Have you looked at possible investors who might be willing to fund your project and resell your case?

I'm shocked that you could not generate the needed funds from perhaps Jens bundling with his Reloaded board, AmigaKit, etc. Any leftover product you might have to invest in yourself could surely be sold through eBay or an online store.

It's much easier for people to feel comfortable purchasing if the product is available and shipping NOW. And once a couple people purchase and start posting about it the sales momentum would grow (assuming, of course, that the product is good).

At 110 per case to fund 90,000 you would need to sell 819 of them. Are there 819 potential customers?

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