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Hi Guys,

I agree that my campaign has obviously been hurt by the other, and timing could have been better. I clearly made some mistakes here, but I surely learned from it. That doesn't mean I didn't put a lot of effort into my project and didn't reach out to the audience.

About joining forces : I considered that, but I chose not to. I had to make a decision and at that time it did not seem a wise thing to do. The different kind of approach compared to the other project was of big influence in my decision.

Some of you may think that the discussion between Jens and Lang backfired on my project. What you need to know about this is that I have nothing to do with that discussion. Like I said on other Amiga forums, every Amiga project should be appreciated . That doesn't mean an Amiga project shouldn't be discussed. Everybody is entitled to have an opinion.

Kind Regards,

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