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Coding for uaenative.library ?

First many thanks for all your hard works on WinUAE

I have seen on latest release :

"OS4.x supported UAE expansions:
- uaenative.library."

Does it mean that now we can write OS4 programs that use uaenative.library and so call x86 code ?

If yes : Is there an uaenative "OS4 Interface" described in some "include" ? example code ?

Many thanks

In uaenative.h I just can found:

uae_u32 uaenative_open_library(TrapContext *context, int flags);
uae_u32 uaenative_get_function(TrapContext *context, int flags);
uae_u32 uaenative_call_function(TrapContext *context, int flags);
uae_u32 uaenative_close_library(TrapContext *context, int flags);
void *uaenative_get_uaevar(void);
void uaenative_install ();
const TCHAR **uaenative_get_library_dirs(void);

But it dont say how is obtained the TrapContext pointer ? nor what do the 3 latests functions

Alain Thellier
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