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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
We certainly don't have the details on the A-EON deal to save Hyperion but A-EON ended with some new products shortly after. Hyperion will say they were never bankrupt and that the incident was a mistake (necessary to avoid the bankruptcy). There is strong evidence that A-EON bailed out Hyperion. The big question is what did A-EON get in return for the likely substantial loan. Tech companies usually don't have much in assets for collateral. Their buildings and even office equipment are commonly leased. The old software A-EON received from Hyperion, which A-EON now sales, is not worth much and even less when Hyperion goes bankrupt again. I would have required control of the company before loaning one cent but it is looking more like that didn't happen. I hope A-EON at least has some kind of agreement (contract) like a right of first refusal (ROFR). Significant minority ownership is mostly worthless without a large number of stock holders (I don't believe this is the case). Of course private businesses can keep this all private so we might not know until Hyperion is "declared" bankrupt.
lets simply follow occams rule and treat it as a black box. if it looks dead, it is dead.

It is not that Reaction has fallen behind MUI but rather that AmigaOS 3 users don't get the most up to date Reaction (AmigaOS 4 Reaction). MUI is in the same situation. There are at least 3 different versions of MUI with different versions numbers and features. The current Amiga version number system only works with one upgrade path. Otherwise, the programmer expects certain features with a certain version but gets different features. It is impossible to keep versions consistent between paths unless 100% feature compatibility is obtained on a version vs version basis between paths. It is much easier with just one upgrade path but only Amiga makes it impossible.
to be safe one can resign on gimmicks and simply program against features offered by mui3.8 or zune for that matter. on 68k zune and mui classes binaries are interchangeable, dunno why reaction classes need so much hassle to be "ported over"..
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