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Originally Posted by Cylon View Post
What is a zune? That stupid microsoft thingies?
Zune is the AROS version of MUI. I wouldn't think a 3 letter acronym could be copyrighted but they are playing it safe. MUI is prevalent enough that porting Zune back to AmigaOS and including it with the AmigaOS could be good.

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Following on from InfoWindow.class being ported over to OS3 this week, the application tool called InfoWindow has now been ported from OS4 to OS3. I am pleased to report it is working without problems, even in 4 colour screenmodes!
Hmm. I see the "from OS4" so maybe this is the start of a proper backport to 68k. I understand that certain AmigaOS 3.9 Reaction components are missing but then why use those if they are missing from AmigaOS 4? Why not port the missing components if they are available in AmigaOS 4? I agree and support a proper Reaction port but be careful of the version numbers. Any methods or features which can not be supported by the same version of component on AmigaOS 4 (including old components) must be ignored and have no serious consequences. Building AmigaOS 4 Reaction on top of AmigaOS 3 is like building a 2nd story on an unmaintained old house. I'm not sure it was the best place to start.
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