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Originally posted by Akira

This is why contact with John Twiddy was futile, I think. Suddenly the man disappeared.

If they are releaseing this on PS2, no fucking way in hell we are getting a free Amiga version
All too true Akira-after some of things I've read about with some past luminaries of the C64 era, it seems like the Cale Bros. had a reputation of sorts with regards to payments-at least according to one certain famous C64 musician I believe-terrible to read that one of the best C64 developers,(& later on Amiga), could've been so lousy to such great talents-probably why the Last Ninja dev. crew left & formed Vivid Image for a while,presumeably they must've changed their ways if John Twiddy is back there again.
I don't doubt that John Twiddy's enthusiasm wasn't sincere, but I'd have my doubts about Mark Cale looking at $$$$$.

But I agree its ridiculous they still cannot see their way to releasing this would've been Amiga classic-even if the market was dying at the time,its still a mystery why they didn't release it to cut their losses-unfortunately,it'll probably be shoehorned into some crappy GBA or Nokia mobile gaming format or some crap-who cares,we just want to see THE REAL THING!!
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