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ReAction/ClassAct on OS3 is no longer developed, the source code is not available and has fallen behind a long way from the OS4 ReAction. So from that perspective, the OS3 ReAction it is a dead-end.
Ok, so you don't have access to the AmigaOS 3.9 Reaction/ClassAct sources. Have you talked to ThoR, olsen and Chis Aldi (original programmer) about it? All 3 of these developers are nice guys. Was Reaction/ClassAct even properly licensed/transferred or is it another P96 situation?

Why can't the AmigaOS 4 code be used for a backport? It should be much easier to comment out new methods requiring AmigaOS 4 functionality rather than recreating the whole gadget or class which is a huge waste of resources. This kind of OOP code is usually more dependent on parent classes than OS functionality anyway. Intuition may need an update as the gadgets and classes may depend on BOOPSI classes in intuition.library but there was no update past AmigaOS 3.1 (in ROM) for this.

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We need to build new applications for OS3 (not just 3.5/3.9) and as a consequence need building blocks to do that.

These building blocks must be expandable into the future when we need additional functionality, so the only solution is to create our own set of gadgets and classes. The InfoWindow Class is a good example of where we have created a class that shares a common code base across both OS3 and OS4
I understand what you are trying to do but it looks to me like you are trying to do it the hard way. Not only does it take much more resources to recreate the needed classes and gadgets but there is twice as much code to debug and maintain while trying to keep compatibility and sync the versions with the AmigaOS 4 Reaction. If you want AmigaOS 4 Reaction compatibility, it is much simpler to use the AmigaOS 4 Reaction code. Is your business partner, Hyperion, making you spend several times as much for development to duplicate the work they have already done and which would benefit their products? This would be embarrassing enough if you (A-EON) hadn't already saved your business partner from bankruptcy. Only Amiga makes it impossible .
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