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Originally Posted by JimDrew View Post
Who knows.. the 060 was a horrible CPU, so I won't investigate this issue myself. I never wanted to support the 060, and of course Apple never did - and they were quite shocked that I got the Mac OS to work at all on an 060.
I agree the 060 was a horrible cpu , the 040/40 mhz is the best cpu for the AMiga
but the 060 can work fine in the AMiga if you know how to deal with it
I remember having a blizzard 1260/50 and lot of headaches to make some programs or games to work

in MAC OS the 060 works like this:

mac os7.x - works without mods

mac os8.0 - you must disable bran cache, yet some mac programs crash

mac os8.1 - you must disable bran cache and some extensions, which I don't remember now but I think quick time extension and some others

anyways in winuae you must select always a 020+FPU
selecting a 060 in winuae is idiotic because will load the 060 library which yet have lot of bugs and some programs don't like it will not work
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