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There is a Facebook page, which had a little update a week or so ago.

It sounds like they have been speaking to various manufacturers and component suppliers. The Crowdfunding is expected in June, hopefully in a couple of weeks.

They say price ((175-100 has been mentioned) is depending on quantity ordered, but has sliding price scales been done on Crowdfunding before? The main cost is the tooling for the keyboard mould. But as the original Speccy designer is on-board hopefully he has designed it with manufacturing/cost in mind and he should know who to speak to in that industry.

It also seems that are going to be flexible. So you can just order the PCB if you want to place it in a classic Spectrum (but some holes will need to be cut) or just buy the Keyboard.

I don't know if you saw, but they are planning to use a Raspberry Pi Zero to generate and display the HDMI signal. - If they can get stocks of Zero's!!! This 'accelerator' board could also do other things, but the software/hardware interaction is as expected difficult.

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