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The game is a bit of a curiosity as it was the first ever wrestling game licensed by the World Wrestling Federation (now known as WWE). Bizarrely, it turned out to be a turn-based strategy game (featuring animated digitised graphics taken from real WWF matches from the 1980s/90s) instead of a real-time action game like WWF Wrestlemania.
For those interested in stories about game development, here's a fascinating article (well, I found it fascinating!) published in Ahoy! magazine that talks about the process behind the WWF licensing, design and development of MicroLeague Wrestling undertaken in the late 1980s.

I'm not sure that I've come across such a richly-detailed description of what goes on behind the scenes with a licensed game, at least for an 8/16-bit computer game (vs console game) designed and developed in the U.S. Happy reading!

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