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Originally posted by misfit
Don`t get me wrong, I still love a lot of the old classics, but how the hell can games like Last Ninja, California Games and Gauntlet compete with System Shock 2, Deus Ex, Counter-strike, Zelda, Eco and Metroid Prime? They simply cannot.
That depends on the games and each individual persons taste.
In your opinion they cannot compete. Others would disagree.

Actually, every now and then I flip through some old magazines like Zzap just to read about the old games. I look at what the reviewers write and say "yeah, I remember that as well...what a cool game." Unfortunately, If I actually sit down to play it, I go "hey, was it really this crap?".
This has happened to me as well, but it is usually games that impressed me more by their technical achievements at the time (Last Ninja) rather than their playability that now seem crap (play for 20 seconds then try something else). However the games that had the best playability still stand the test of time despite their now primative graphics and sound - but this again depends on tastes.

I'll bet that many of the 'Top Ten Retro Games' lists I've seen posted over the internet would be changed significantly if people tried playing those games *now* instead of relying on their memories.

I can't say that all new games are crap and all old games were great, but it does look as though the games industry as it is now has far few people willing to take risks with something original and far too many companies churning out 'clones'. I wonder if this type of situation is what happened in the leadup to the video game crash of the early eighties? Could history repeat itself?
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