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With indexed mode colour in GIMP and Photoshop making it easier to recolour screenprinted arcade shots as well as the AMIGA RGB Pallette being freely available on wiki I guess it's very possible now for someone to take over at least with the graphics but even then someone has to be doing the programming to make those graphics move too.

R.I.P. Paul. You were the only guy who bothered with trying to port a proper arcade over to the AMIGA like everyone is doing on the C64 with stuff like blah blah blah arcade.

I've always wanted that C64 arcade porting scene to happen on the more powerful hardware miggy and you almost made one game happen almost bringing this most wanted proper arcade ports scene to life you passed way too early.

If this game was sucessfully finished people left right and center would be inspired to make better arcade ports than all the Ocean's and Poo Gold Gamings which were often crap hence Poo Gold Gaming as there is a Poo Gold Animation too named Harmony Gold so I call it Poo Gold Gaming as it's gaming and it's often rubbish when it's by them just like the other Poo Gold on European Dessin ANIME and Japanese ANIME Cartoons.

I hope other people can take on this as well as other projects like all the retro SEGA, Konami and Capcom boards as well as some of the the Megatech/Megaplays/Megadrives so we get some Streetso running on the AMIGA too.

The Megadrive as well as those few arcade cab board types I think uses X68000 processing anyway so it was possible to port things across between both in a lot of games cases but Streetso never made the cut of titles to do so and many of the stuff to be ported was rubbish other than Leander which was a flipped port and made it to the AMIGA before the Megadrive.

The AMIGA could do a lot better than those lazy ST and other X68000 processor systems ports if it made it's own proper programmed ports they would have played a lot better than all the versions we got as this project proved somewaht even on the stage it got to.
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