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Hi all

I still have all the disks for this and the manual. A long, long time ago I made all the art, sprites and game map for a puzzle platform game in the Dizzy mould but never got very far with it.

Since then I've made a ZX Spectrum-like game using Multimedia Fusion 2 on PC. I'd like to try and finish the game I intended to make about 22 years ago so I've converted all my .iff tiles and sprites to .png for use in MMF2, however I need the game map.

I just loaded up Reality on my ageing A500+ but when I try to load the game map from a floppy of my game files it makes a "boom-ding-boom-ding-boom" noise and goes back to the load game map screen. If I click Cancel the game map screen appears with the top half of the screen grey and the bottom half blue and does the same "boom-ding-boom-etc" sound and returns to the load screen.

What's going on?

It has been way too long since I last used this software and I have no idea why it is doing this and won't load my game map. I only need to load it up so I can photograph the screen so I can re-create the game map in MMF2.
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