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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
Loving the work so far, cant help feeling though that it being trackloading is a bit overkill, looks like it would single file with ease and be hard drive installable and still fit in 512k
I think you are right that it could be squeezed into 512kb, if someone experienced was putting it together

The main purpose of this game for me was to learn Amiga programming, so I wanted to get my head around any issues that trackloading caused.

At the moment the full version trackloads the music (when it switches songs), the levels (some levels can be configured to be resident), and the splash screen which I use as scratch ram to save things like backgrounds behind bobs when in play mode. I figured that doing it that way meant there would be basically no real limit to the amount of songs and levels I could squeeze into the final release.

I was a bit lazy early on when it came to ram, so there is definitely waste.

Edit: And yes, the hard drive installable version is a single file that doesn't load anything from disk, but it is currently 594kb for the test version and 617kb for the full version.
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