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Originally Posted by TVPaint View Post
What do you mean exactly ? I'm not sure to get the idea behind the sentence.
Apple could have more developers and users for iOS if they were more open, less restrictive and didn't charge for everything. Maybe they are happy with the high end market where the profit margins are better as they aren't even trying to compete with Android for overall market share. Same thing with Mac OSX where Apple could take Microsoft share but they prefer the high profit market. Microsoft made a mistake introducing Windows 8 with a user interface that no one liked and practically threatening users to upgrade but I didn't see competitors even trying to take advantage. Microsoft software APIs have been poor considering they are primarily a software company but Microsoft fails in so many ways I don't think I need to elaborate. Not all of the big players are as lost. Google is tech savvy with reasonable goals and has mostly accomplished what they want to do. Android could be better but it was the right idea and good enough to gain market share.

Of course, the little guys make mistakes but often disappear before most people here of them. Take the Amiga for example. The guys at Hyperion who develop the AmigaOS 4 for the PPC were forced into bankruptcy but were saved by A-EON, one of their partners. The philosophy has not changed though. They try to market the AmigaOS and computers for the shrinking desktop market only and for PPC which only has old and sometimes handicapped embedded processors available in low production numbers. Their computers cost 5-10 times as much as an equivalently powered standard PC so they only sell a few thousand computers to a rich Amiga niche market. Maybe the hardware is profitable by charging enough but I doubt it is sustainable once the users realize that a tiny market isn't attractive to software developers. Don't expect the diehard users that are left to give up on asking though. As sad as the Amiga situation has deteriorated into, the Amiga still has potential. The Natami FPGA based retro hardware bringup thread ( has 753954 views despite never going into production showing there is still interest with the right product for the masses instead of the classes. Maybe the next Amiga owners will be smarter.
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