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I don't see big brands removing advertisement from displays like in museums, online and whatnot.

Do they own it? apparently (and let me remark that adjective), yes.
But does that mean they should do this? What is the point? What is their benefit , or the disadvantage or harm caused upon them by letting an old ad being online?

There's some more info here, I know it's for a different site but this could apply anywhere since it's related to law (at least US law):

Seems like stuff prior to 1989 COULD be put in the public domain as long as " they have no separate copyright notice and if their copyright was not registered with the U.S. Copyright Office within 5 years of publication. "

So I would look into that 1985 video. Also, how far does Cloanto's license go? Can they actually have claims world wide to everything? Be mindful that copyright law differs from country to country.

More from Commons:
According to their guidelines, an advertisement on video would not be OK because of what it contains and I guess this is the fine line at which Cloanto grasps, but I still question the extent they can go to and more importantly, their fucking reasons.
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