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Actually, he does have a couple of valid points. Retro-gaming is a bit...well, disappointing at times. Don`t get me wrong, I still love a lot of the old classics, but how the hell can games like Last Ninja, California Games and Gauntlet compete with System Shock 2, Deus Ex, Counter-strike, Zelda, Eco and Metroid Prime? They simply cannot.

It would be unfair to compare old games with old movies. A classic Kurosawa-film will always have the exellent story or Mifune going for it. What does the old games have? Graphics? Neeh. Sound? Gimme new remixes over the old beeps and blips. Playability? Ok, a lot of old games have plenty of playability, but can they compare to the total package you get with an evening of CounterStrike? I have probably put more hours into CS than 75% of all c64-games put together. The adrenalin flowing, your winning-instincts taking over, sneaking around, waiting for your opponent to make a mistake...just a small sound is enough to locate him and give you the upper hand...I could go on and on :P

Actually, every now and then I flip through some old magazines like Zzap just to read about the old games. I look at what the reviewers write and say "yeah, I remember that as well...what a cool game." Unfortunately, If I actually sit down to play it, I go "hey, was it really this crap?".

Sad, but true. Still, retro is nice since it brings back a lot of happy childhood memories
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