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Originally Posted by TVPaint View Post
Regarding a port of TVPaint on a specific platform, well ... this is quite an expensive and time consumming task that can only be done within the TVPaint office.
And we need to keep focus on our current activities, because there is a lot to do to stay in the market !
That said, TVPaint 3.59 is still free.
Number of Android users in the low billions
Number of Windows users in the hundreds of millions
Number of iOS users in the low hundreds of millions
Number of MacOS users in the tens of millions
Number of Linux users in the tens of millions
Number of Amiga users in the tens of thousands
Number of AmigaOS 4 users in the low thousands

Thanks for remembering your Amiga heritage and making TVPaint 3.59 available for Amigas. It is very professional software, especially considering its age. I fully understand wanting to keep your product in house as it is easier to maintain quality and has less potential for problems. Thanks for being open about your products. Yes, the AmigaOS is not currently a large enough market to be profitable. Since you have been open already though, about how many users or hardware sales/year are necessary to consider a specific platform? What kind of hardware specs are required? Any other considerations?

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