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Hi Kamelito,

Thanks !

Some answers :

There should be a discount this summer, just register to our Newsletter.

Is Hervé Adam still around?
I remember a demo he was doing on an Amiga show in Paris where he was hiding the A3000 tower and kidding about the fact that it was not running under Amiga.
old good times.
Almost 25 years after that most of the main people of the TVPaint Team are still working here at TVPaint DĂ©veloppement.

About releasing the Wild Copper sources, I'm not sure we still have them, sorry.
Maybe, I will check. I worked on some demos too, but I don't think have the sources anymore.

Regarding a port of TVPaint on a specific platform, well ... this is quite an expensive and time consumming task that can only be done within the TVPaint office.
And we need to keep focus on our current activities, because there is a lot to do to stay in the market !
That said, TVPaint 3.59 is still free.

Regarding a release of the source code, many people asked us about it.
There would be a lot of legal issues, so I don't think it would be done in the future, sorry.
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