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True. But it would stay the same. It would just have triple mode Hard Drive plays like FS-UAE and the better click it on with no coding mode for everyone and also it would load compressed Hard Drives up so save space on the drive and it would do your normal start from C Games auto scan but it would also now allow you to choose a manual path too.

Surely those are archeivable through the same simple setup plus it would make things even more simple than it does now with it's triple type boots like the one in FS-UAE for Hard Drive/K-G Load and WHDload as well as being able to run them from a compressed file on a real AMIGA.

Being activated by a click for everyone would be more simple than the coding to put it on which both non CW and old version users to have to remember the codes for it if a lazy CW user or non CW user who doesn't want to reformat the full drive again with a new CW decides to upgrade their version whilst keeping the old OS as well as it would work for everyone on the click if it was set up by default to do so it's something that would improve the already great program a lot.

The compressed files would just be a feature that would be nice to have and so would the triple modes where both would work just like FS-UAE's Hard Drives boot mode after you have clicked on a game within the auto games menu or choose a compressed file to run from a place manually which is not your main petition it would boot up just like that with minimal resources as usaul through the compressed file just like FS-UAE does but with the normal interface we have now to choose the file for running on the real hardware like that but of course with thee option of getting a file from a different petition without coding added in.

The mandatory thing I think to add would be that easy click to put on the menu thing featuring in CW as the default option for everyone including lazy CW updaters which want to just update the program as well as all the other Workbench installs.

The other stuff is just juicy idea things to make the booting even better though as I've always thought it would be nice to have KG-Load and normal Hard Drives boot from there as well like FS-UAE through zips and whatnot.

The idea is to keep the interface the same lightweight look and feel but also have a button for picking a game not on your main hard drive.

On the booting grey and blue screen after you clicked on the game it will load the compressed file and unpack it like FS-UAE and boots up fast like it with the minimal resources as usaul.
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