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Originally Posted by ED-209 View Post
Hi Toni, since this update the lcd output on my G19s is no longer working. I download the latest Logitech software but it made no difference, is there something else I need to update?
Should be fixed now (with slightly different output). New API does not anymore do b&w -> color conversion automatically and I didn't bother to test it..

Originally Posted by James View Post
Heavily patched.
I get no crashes if I switch to an AGA screen and disable RTG emulation (crashes with ZorroII and Zorro III). Tried AmiKIT... no crash.

Got UAEGFX program failed 80000003 after running setpatch (tried to get back to boot screen but think I missed it .
b2 has absolute no changes that could affect emulation and only b12 change I can see that could have some effect in situation where program accesses invalid memory. Which can break bad code even worse..

uaegfx is just a "loader", something is already broken if it crashes.

Some (or even more) of your patches are broken or don't like to work together. It is normal, not the first or last time it has happened..
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