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Originally Posted by wanderer View Post
There's a third edition now? Anything new included or just a reprint? Did a quick search, couldn't find anything.
It tells you what's new on the imagineshop page you listed :-

"This new Edition includes new guides to some of the Amiga's biggest games, including Lemmings, Walker, Hired Guns and more."

Unfortunately, these "magazines" are a rip off. The '3rd Edition' has the same amount of pages as the '2nd Edition (Revised Edition)', 180 pages, so they have removed something else to put the "new" content in. It looks like they are never going to give us more pages, they will probably put the price up to £20 for a magazine.

Same with the Spectrum/Commodore book :-

30th Anniversary (224 pages).
Revised Edition (196 Pages) 28 Pages less!!!!.
3rd Edition (196 Pages).

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