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Now that WHDLoad is free how about a complete overhaul of AG-Launch. I'm talking.

1) Triple mode runs Normal Hard Drive/KGLoad and WHDLoad with no RAM usage.

2) Automaticly scans the normal 1st partition Games folder but lets you manual scan for any other folder on other petitions.

3) Now runs your Hard Drive installs from all major zip like compressed files formats that the AMIGA excepts too like FS-UAE does but on your real AMIGA.

4) Has the click on startup as the automatic setting now for every user so nobody who has it already has to reinstall Classic Workbench to the latest version to get their click menu version back anymore they can just install the new version and thats it but it also adds the menu to all other versions too.

5) No KGLoad or WHDLoad seperate programs needed anymore as they will now be built into this one loader software for these low RAM users plus also has the mode to run normal hard drive games like the most wanted to play by everyone A Doom and others that require the full minimum RAM of the system with no loss of RAM from the OS.

Those are the things I wanna see most now that you are possibly allowed to make this custom WHDLoad version for the new loader but it depends on if the new free versions are open source freeware though if you can make your own custom version for the loader program now from the dev version of course so it's always up to date too.

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