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I'm not going to reply to you again if you try to refute this explanation, if you won't accept the difference then carry on in ignorance. In the general meaning of the word it's emulation.
I don't think it is important what it is. We know what it does and it is more important what it does and less important what anyone calls it. Seven pronouns in two sentences. See, English allows us to not call it a name at all and it is even easier for non-native English speakers.

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When they were developing the cpu with breadboards or whatever they used don't they call that development or the prototype? When it was finished it was then manufactured and sold in silicon form and that is the end physical form of the 68000. It's like saying is a complete car the emulation of the developed chassis, suspension, engine, brakes, bodywork etc.
The CPU is finished before it ever is turned into a processor (verification is extensive but there can still be missed errors and problems creating a hard chip). I expect only early versions of the prototypes used wire wrapped breadboards. Later versions of the 68k probably used FPGAs and software simulations to test parts of the logic. I believe the logic layout was still done by hand for the 68060 (gives very good results but tedious). The ColdFire is fully synthesizable so the logic fits fully in an FPGA and can quickly be loaded into an FPGA. I don't know of much info available which talks about the creation of the earlier 68k processors. It would be an interesting read.
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