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Originally Posted by Lord Aga View Post
Wrong, and wrong. Read up on the Vampire CPU architecture.
Vampire architecture is irrelevant in this context.

Take a Motorola 68000 CPU and put it side by side with a Vampire board. Is it the same object? No simply put it is not, the Vampire is emulating the function of one in this context.

It might have extra functions and it's obviously faster but that is irrelevant as at it's core the main function of it is to emulate the 68000 and without doing that it has no use in an Amiga as a cpu. As an Amiga cpu it cannot function without emulating a 68000 as it's base and that is what it's doing as it does not contain a real silicon 68000 Motorola chip.

To differentiate your 68020 argument, the 020 is not trying to be a 68000. It is the next iteration of the cpu - the intended successor by the manufacturer. It was developed and sold by Motorola as the next more advanced CPU with additional hardware in it.

As a last comparison on the subject you don't look at the latest 4K HD TV's and say "oh look it's emulating an old black and white TV from the 1920's" do you? It's called product development and that's what the 68020 is to the 68000.

I'm not going to reply to you again if you try to refute this explanation, if you won't accept the difference then carry on in ignorance. In the general meaning of the word it's emulation.


When they were developing the cpu with breadboards or whatever they used don't they call that development or the prototype? When it was finished it was then manufactured and sold in silicon form and that is the end physical form of the 68000. It's like saying is a complete car the emulation of the developed chassis, suspension, engine, brakes, bodywork etc.
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