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Originally Posted by Lord Aga View Post
But the 68020 is a completely different piece of silicone compared to 68000.

It reproduces the functions and actions of a 68000. Plus it has some more, but this is irrelevant.

It fits your definition of emulation perfectly.

Not to mention 68060. It is as different from 68000 as a FPGA CPU is. Why is then one emulation and the other isn't ?
The 68020 is not an 68000 it doesn't claim to be, the 68020 is the direct replacement of the 68000. The Vampire is emulating an 68000 while an 68020 is not it's a different CPU.

The 68020 does not fit the definition of emulation at all, it's an entirely different cpu with a different name with new functions etc. The only thing the Vampire is doing is emulating the 68000... if you cannot see the difference then there is no hope of you ever comprehending why it's not the same thing.
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