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Originally Posted by Heiroglyph View Post
I'm still trying to work that out, it's a big job and it's looking more like patches like the original Cgx and P96.
The hack and patch may be a good place to start but I hope you have a bigger goal. Part of my goal would be a graphics.library replacement which supports both planar and chunky gfx. This is needed if you want to make enhancements because you can't SetFunction() what doesn't exist (P96 uses SetFunction for most graphics.library calls where it checks for chunky bitmaps and jumps to the original function if planar). It makes sense to add some of the functions in the newer AmigaOS and AROS graphics.library which would make software development easier. I could probably create an assembler version of a graphics.library with chunky and planar support in a few weeks but it would take much longer to optimize (think of PeterK's icon.library here). This would not be as nice as clean C code but some of it is fairly low level where assembler has advantages and Amiga 68k C compilers are not generating the greatest code quality (better performance than the original graphics.library or P96 would help adoption for classic Amigas). The CGFX emulation layer on top of it and the RTG driver interface could be in C. I am not motivated unless the FPGA hardware guys come together to help create and adopt standards based on what is best for the Amiga. The Amiga is going nowhere without some of these camps joining forces.

Originally Posted by Heiroglyph View Post
As for Fpga, if you make a card that looks just like the original chip, you're stuck with only the capabilities of the original. The driver can't do anything more than that.
This would be a good reason to start with a more capable chip but being able to make enhancements would be good. Some resources would likely be used to emulate some hardware also. It is not an optimal solution.

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