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Yeah, turning JIT off got Fusion working for me. I've only experimented with the '040 CPU option, though. I do not have '060 libraries at the moment. The Mac OS 8 install I had on a old hard drive (real partition) is still snappy without JIT in 8 bit color mode. I imagine it would be even better with JIT working.

However, I encountered a problem with a HardFile I created. Just a measly 200MB file. After it was created and the Mac OS system booted, it naturally recognized a new volume and asked if I wanted to format it. Sure! There is even a little icon stating that it knows it is a "hard file". Problem is it is stuck on "Creating Directory...." for several hours. I am sure it is not supposed to take this long so I assume something went wrong.

Any tips on working with hard files in Fusion (within WinUAE)?

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