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I don't go to see a movie I wait untill it come out on dvd and use Amazon to watch it,but a lot of the films are old and new ones you have to pay for..bad Amazon(Lovefilm),you thing $12 is a lot,well it's like £20 here..

Originally Posted by desiv View Post
It's all perspective...
I think it's a bit much to pay $12 to see a movie nowadays..
That leaves me a few options..
-Pay the money anyway..
-Don't pay and don't see the movie..
-Take some other option to see the movie without paying..
(Torrent, sneak into the theater, etc..)

Not going to say anyone of them is wrong.

But I don't begrudge the owners (not necessarily creators) of the content from trying to make money.

Just means I won't be seeing it right away (or ever)..

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