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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Anyway; I think the issue is really with .LZX extraction and not WinUAE. It doesn't always like 800% floppy drive emulation...
You need to find repeatable test case. (LZX decruncher is reverse-engineered one so it can have unknown corner cases)

Originally Posted by emufan View Post
hehe, I keep trying, one way or the other
But don't try too hard

Originally Posted by James View Post
With betas 12-17 WinUAE crashes on reset with my main config (No crash with a simpler config). Betas 2-11 crash on boot with this config. It boots and resets OK with beta 1.
Looks like timing sensitive (not that rare) Amiga-side bug (some utility/patch/etc). It has the usual signs, first accesses of non-existing memory and finally CPU jumps to non-existing memory that JIT don't always like and b2 changes are too minimal.

Usual test: Try without JIT. Try with more compatible ticked. Try without Z3 fast, only mainboard fast. Attach your config.
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