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Originally Posted by Korodny View Post
I realise that there's a language barrier, but it's important to be precise when trying to translate Jens'... bullshit.

He states he's going to urge (German: "auffordern") AF customers to buy a P96 license from him.
Yes, I think "translating" from there is not a good idea because precision got lost and personal meaning is mixed into.
Hmmm... I didn`t knew the word "urge", so I had a look into a dictionary. My says urge means "(be)drängen, dringen auf, geltend machen". For me "auffordern" is something different. "auffordern" in english means "ask, tell, to do, summon, prompt". At least my dictonaries tell me. However, at the end it is a free decision of the customer to pay or not.

Ok, he may can find out but that doesn`t mean the he will do it or what he does with that information. My guessing is that it isn`t worth the trouble. There is not much too get only more to lose. We will see.
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